Information for Sellers

Selling your home with Howard Chase Real Estate calls for different strategies depending on time frame, location and type of property. There are some constants however; namely, the appearance of your property, the ability to advertise to a wide range of buyers and working closely with your Howard Chase Real Estate sales expert. Below are three quick tips that apply to all sales transactions. After reading these, please fill out the information below and a HCRE sales professional will contact you within 24 hours to discuss specifics to getting your home sold …

1. Use your broom!

If you want to help sell your home, clean it! First impressions matter to buyers; especially when there is an increased inventory of homes from which to choose. Dust, bugs and unappealing odors are a detractor and can be indicative of further physical problems with a home. Imagine yourself as a buyer and walk into your own home … what would you like to see (or not see)?

2. Speak up!

Your friends, family and co-workers are excellent resources to find a buyer. Likely these people have been in your home and can speak to its virtues. It is your job to let them know to tell their friends your house is for sale. Contact your HCRE agent for consultation on how to create an atmosphere of selling in your immediate circle.

3. Trust your HCRE agent

The more you tell us the better we can help. If there is a problem with part of your home we can make suggestions on its repair … If there is a price you absolutely have to meet and you will not accept any less, tell us … The better the communication with your HCRE agent, the more effective and smooth a sales process it will be. Contact Howard Chase Real Estate now to be paired with an agent with whom you feel great about communicating … We look forward to working together!

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